OUTSIDE (reasons for leaving your back door unlocked), presents a complex system of individual and collective storytelling using video, sculpture, photography, performance, installation and projection. Bringing together a variety of contemporary practitioners, OUTSIDE can be read through a myriad of lenses. It is an exhibition turned house party that will leave you never looking at your lounge-room in the same way again.

Inhabiting an unused space on Melbourne's iconic Peel Street are the works of Andrew Atchison, Nadia Combe, Lauren Dunn, Arie Rain Glorie, Amy-Jo Jory, Kali Rose, Jonas Ropponen, Salote Tawale and Yandell Walton. Occupying spaces inside the building, and presenting contemporary arts practice outside the traditional white cube, OUTSIDE is a site specific show by Melbourne based emerging and established artists that hints at a variety of queer ideas.

Houses are potent symbols of belonging - they are homes - and as such they have come to represent family, safety and financial security amongst other things. In queer communities, 'chosen family' can potentailly transform systems of heteronormative exclusion, and reframe structures of gendered inequality.

"These spaces of familia have all made this moment of conclusion possible; they have taught me almost everything I know about queer, about desire, about bodies on the margins, and dance floors creating momentary centers." (Juana María Rodríguez, Queer Latinidad: Identity Practices, Dicursive Spaces, 2003).

Curated by Amy-Jo Jory, Yandell Walton and Lauren Dunn.